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Please keep in mind it is important to book your party as far in advance as possible. This will allow for us to provide you with more options and availability to make your party exactly as you desire

What sets us apart from our competition we have the ability to offer input on how to make your party stand out due to the fact of our hands on experience in the industry

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Entertainers wanting to join our team of the most professional in the industry.

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Our entertainers are hand selected by the owner, whom has been in the industry as a male entertainer for over fifteen years all over the United States doing; bachelorette parties, birthday parties, male review show and so on. With this much experience, he knows exactly what to look for in an applicant. This is how we can ensure Male Party Stripper provides only the best entertainers.  

When it comes to being an entertainer, some guys are born to be an entertainer and others are not. This gives Male Party Stripper an edge on being able to hand select "true natural entertainers" as opposed to guys that just look good. Even though looking good is a huge factor, when you take everything into consideration, it is only a small aspect of the job.  There are many other factors to consider such as being able to adapt to the crowd and responding in a manner that will make everyone at the event feel comfortable and satisfied with the performance making an experience that is one to remember.  

We are confident in standing behind our entertainers and our reputation, ensuring you the highest quality entertainment in the industry.